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Dungeon Eye beta 0.3.3 is out !

After months of silence, here’s a beta of Dungeon Eye.

Here’s ingame keys :

  • ‘F1′, ‘F2′, ‘T’ & ‘F’ changes current level
  • ‘insert’ runs the editor
  • ‘space’ displays some debug informations and the minimap
  • ‘a’, ‘z’, ‘e’, ‘q’, ‘s’, ‘d’ (european keyboard) to move in the game. You can change this layout in the main game menu (press ‘esc’ and then go to options)

Please, report any bug, crash, comment or suggestion to improve the game ! If you report crash, please attach ‘log.html’ file.

  1. Sergio
    18/02/2011 à 12:29 | #1

    You rule! I’m a huge fan of your site and dungeon eye because I really liked eye of beholder when I was younger. I’m always eager and waiting for updates on your project.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. 18/02/2011 à 12:40 | #2

    Thank you.

    You have a SVN access if you want to get the latest releases. Consult the FAQ thread in the forum for instructions on building from the source (

    If you have any suggestions or ideas…

  3. Le marquis
    22/02/2011 à 21:05 | #3

    First, congratulations for this project, I’m a huge fan of EOB too (I still play a dungeon hack game once a year or so…) and I’d really love to see your project and editor come to completion.
    I’ve downloaded the latest 0.3.3 version and I have a problem to make it run. The Dungeon eye windows opens, but it stays black and nothing happens. In the window, the mouse cursor changes, but still nothing happens.
    The editor opens normally with the insert key though.
    I’m on vista sp1, and the previous dungeon eye version worked fine for me (of course there was some bugs, but it worked).
    I’ll certainly do a bug report when I can make it run…

    Keep on the good work anyway ! Bon courage.


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